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The Ecological improvement and restoration of rivers in Tehran
Tehran city has been subject of critical environmental challenges .Releasing industrial wastewater into river valleys have led to considerable changes in structure of city’s natural landscape. The natural structures of river valleys in northern Tehran that historically function as ecological corridors for transferring surrounding air and water into city, have been gradually turned into large concrete canals for urban wastewater to downstream land, damaging ecosystems balances and biodiversity needs. Using FAHP- the questionnaires distributed among experts, and factors were classified. Outcomes of FAHP were used as input for Arc GIS 9.3 to export the analytical maps of Tehran‘s urban landscape enhancement through river valleys’ restoration.
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[1] M. R. Masnavi, H. Tasa,M. Ghobadi,et al.Restoration and Reclamation of the River Valleys’Landscape Structure for Urban Sustainability using FAHP Process, the Case of Northern Tehran- Iran[J].Int. J. Environ. Res., 2016,10(1):193-202.